A World of hearts is taking over Fargo


Maiya Houle, Staff Writer

A World Of Hearts is something we now see everywhere. When walking or driving by businesses and houses, we see colorful hearts on windows and doors which is a way for people to show that there is a bright side in all of this, and for people to stay positive.

Kendra Kirklewski, a manger at a local restaurant participated in a world of hearts. “What I have learned is it was somebody in the Fargo area that started it,” Kirklewski said, “it was a way to get people to come together as a community by putting hearts up in windows.” There is a facebook page which Kirklewski has joined. She said it blown up all over the US, and probably around the world too.

Lauren Steinhauer, a student at WFHS, thinks a world of hearts represents the community coming together as a whole and helping one another through this rough time. “It shows the love and care people in our community have for one another.” Steinhauer said.

Overall, a world of heart has helped our community so much throughout this whole time. Seeing hearts on windows and doors all around town really shows how much everyone is brought together through a tough time like this.