A King-Sized Week: Why Homecoming is Somewhat Overwhelming


Tyger Albano, Editor in Chief

On Monday September 12th, 12 seniors, including myself, were nominated for the homecoming Court. The court consists of 6 boys and 6 girls, each earning the highest number of votes from the senior class.

During the week before homecoming, it was the court’s duty to represent the school by doing things like wearing our sashes, going to events, showing responsibility and respect, and having Packer Pride.

On Monday September 19th, a week after the initial announcement of the court, Ava Finn and I were crowned homecoming king and queen during coronation. It was a great honor being elected and it has been a blast being able to be on the court for the past week. Seeing everyone participating in the Homecoming week themes and attending many sporting events was great, as not everyone always participates in them.

That said, to an extent, it all feels a little overdone. Yes, I did enjoy being elected and had fun showing Packer Pride, but I feel that some of the parts of Homecoming are a little unnecessary. For example, coronation, the event where the king and queen are crowned, felt over dramatic. All the court members had to show up in suits and dresses, answer questions, and take photos. Although coronation is traditionally done every year, it would not have felt any different than an assembly/announcement at school. And even though I felt as if people viewed me as a higher power/person, I still am the normal me, and I feel as if the whole “court” and “king and queen” aspect sort of leaves people out. A lot of people probably wanted to get elected, let alone getting on the court, and with only 6 spots per gender, there are only so many who get to be on it.

I do believe, however, that it is obvious that the homecoming tradition at WFHS should still exist. Even if the whole “court” part of it is quite cheesy/exclusive, I have never seen the students and staff so unified until the week of homecoming. The theme week, the fact that all the events/sports are at home, and the pep rally has all done a great deal in bringing the people of WFHS together, and I am all here for it. Being able to experience this week as a senior is totally different compared to previous years. There is a feeling of accomplishment between upperclassmen more than there were before, and I hope that all underclassmen get to experience the great week as a senior.

I hope that if everyone on the week of homecoming were to learn one thing, it would be to spend time with the ones you got here with and have fun.