Physics Boat Regatta 2015

Arimeta Diop, Online Editor

On Monday Mar. 16, the physics classes hosted their annual Boat Regatta. Students were tasked with completing a boat made entirely of cardboard and duct tape which could be rowed across the L.E. Berger pool. The winning teams are as followed:

1st place:  “The Timelords”: Megan Larson, Matt Gores, Scott Almer, Austin Moltzan

2nd place:  “We Dem Boys”: Adam Cripe, Tanner Sande, Brandon Johnson, Andy Boyer, Tristan Anderson, Brandon Toso

3rd place:  “The Little Einsteins”: Tanner Wilson, Devin Rindy, Bennett Rindy, Adam Idso, Alex Lebahn, Abbie Cleary

Other Awards:

Vogue Award (Best looking boat):  “The Timelords”: Megan Larson, Matt Gores, Scott Almer, Austin Moltzan)

Pride of the Regatta Award(Most creative design/theme): “Sharkies”: Lizzie Mathias, Laikyn Pfeifle, Allie Munyer, Sam Heinen, Danielle Bayman

Best Dressed Award: “Men in Black”: Dustin Steedsman, Jakob Semerad, Ahmed Ahmed, Ahmed Sharif-Hassan, Brady Durbin, Kyle Severson

Team Spirit Award (Best team spirit): “U.S.S. Unsinkable”: Cloe Donarski, Mackenzie Jaskowski, Hailey Wilcox, Jade Malmberg, Madelyn Christensen, Elimay Rodrigues

Titanic Award (Most spectacular sinking): “The Oil-Tankers”: Weston Schatz, Cooper, Chwialkowski, Jake Schweitzer, Jaryd Peters, Blake Zander, Alex Hettwer