Staff Theme Day 2015

Jessica Qian, Head Editor

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The departments went full force for staff theme day, riling up the wildest and hottest themes to create that would bring Packer spirit to the hallways (see poll to right for department themes and vote for your favorite). During lunch, students were treated to a live performance of tetris by the math department and a remake of the Super Bowl halftime show by the counseling department, all the stars included.

“I thought it was so cute, it was a great production from the Packer staff,” sophomore Brittney St. Aubin said.

Senior Taylor Lemieux was impressed by the turnout this year. She said it was more exciting than past years because more of the staff got involved.

“I love teacher theme day, it’s so cool to see all the teachers let loose and dress up, ” Lemieux said.

English teacher Ruth Joyce dressed as Effie from the Hunger Games and appreciated the school spirit this year.

“It was really fun to see so many departments in the school get so involved this year,” Joyce said. “It’s nice that the kids enjoy it so much.”