Dance Showcase

Arimeta Diop, Online Editor

During sixth and seventh period today, Dec. 5, five Aerobic Dance classes performed choreographed routines in multiple styles including line dancing, ballroom and hip hop. There was a guest performance by NDSU dancers as well. The classes had been learning these routines for two weeks and enjoyed a consistently energetic, responsive crowd for each dance. Sophomores Kyra Suder and Isa Herrera, along with their class performed the meringue: a closed position Latin ballroom style.

“It was okay [of a performance],” Herrera said. “Better than I thought it was going to be, but still an experience.”

Despite their apprehension towards the technicalities of the dance, the performance for both students was still rather positive.

“It was fun,” Suder said. “It was nice to see everyone else perform too.”