West Fargo High School Opens Their New “Packer Pantry”


Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

The “Giving Closet” was a place where students in need could get clothes and school supplies. However, this year’s closet will be partnering with the Emergency Food Pantry, meaning that the students will be able to get free food as well.

Lisa Mulvaney, The Pantry Coordinator, states how the closet has grew over the years. “The ‘Giving Closet’ has been around for years.  It started with providing warm weather clothing.  It then grew to an assortment of clothing, including prom dresses. We then added school supplies.  We have in-school drives for the supplies as well as receiving donations from Kiwanis and other outside sources.”

Even events have started to begin charging food items in substitute for money, homecoming coronation on Monday, September 27 charged 2$ or 5 non perishable food items to attend.

As of October 15th far the pantry has donated 56 pounds of food to students and their families, and 31 items that include clothing and school items.

Everything at the pantry is free of charge. The pantry opened on October 11th and is in room 109C.