Seniors Class of 2020 Cope with Covid

Madelyn Shell, Newspaper Staff

The majority of seniors have been anticipating the arrival of their senior year. Senior athletes look forward to their last season and take that as motivation to give it their all. A majority of the seniors look forward to going to their last prom and receiving a diploma at their graduation. The school year started out fine, all the seniors who were in fall and winter sports were able to finish out their last season. But, at the beginning of March, the seniors who were in spring activities got cheated out of their last season when COVID-19 broke out.
Senior Amber Anderson was part of the cast in theatre. “Overall it’s been pretty tough. You wait all of your high school to finally experience your last show, game, prom with all of the people you have grown up with and have gotten used to seeing all the time.” Anderson said. “It’s still crazy to think that we will never get to experience these things for the last time after looking forward to them all these years, but we just have to stick together and support one another through this crazy time.” Ever since COVID-19 started spreading, all of the West Fargo Public Schools are now continuing school online.

“Online school, to me, is not exactly beneficial overall. Every class is basically just giving students a unit to complete every week, resulting in students doing the bare minimum to get it done,” Anderson said. “Although some teachers are trying to do lectures online I feel it is kind of pointless because students are still just doing only what is necessary by completing the tasks to keep passing the class.”

Senior Annika Shern was a sprinter in track. “Personally I am handling stuff being canceled pretty good so far, and I completely understand in times like this why everything would be canceled,” Shern said. “It is hard to see my last season of track not be as big and exciting as I was hoping, but in the long run it will all pay off because that just means I’ll get to work harder at other stuff.” Some seniors tend to be more or less stressed than others due to graduation, prom, and sports activities being canceled and the upcoming of going off to college.
“My stress level is pretty low right now just because I have a lot of extra time that I am able to spend on myself,” Shern said. “As well as with those around me that usually aren’t there when I am in school.”

As a result of this unfortunate time, the seniors are making the most out of the situation and doing anything possible in order to be able to graduate at the end of May.