Students strive to learn from Campbell’s class


William Ollenburger, Online Editor

       Having a job in high school for most students helps them learn to take responsibility and provides valuable experience they can use in the future.  Amy Campbell teaches Career Development and Career Transition courses to help students who may need more help at finding and learning skills to be an efficient worker.  The class builds and sells wood projects that are sold at basketball games and to the district office.

       Campbell is one of two advisers for the courses and she has been involved in the program for the last two years.  She thinks the program helps students find jobs and keep jobs.

       “We have students who may go to a job and stay there for a few months, then after the time the workers like them so much that they get offered a job and could stay there for years,” Campbell said. “The kids that might be sanding and painting now when their seniors will be able to deliver. It’s like a promotion.”

       Senior Jake Thompsen helps cut projects out and delivers the projects to schools around the area.  He finds the class helpful for learning lessons for the future.

       “We go and sell the arts and crafts at the district office,” Thompsen said. “It feels good when the people in the office say ‘Hi’ when we stop by.”

       Junior Douglas Berg works at a movie theater in the morning and helps set up for the day.  During the first semester his class focused on learning about budgeting and living independently.  

       “I learned to show up everyday and work hard,” Berg said. “It feels good to get a regular job and get a little extra money to be appreciated by others.”

       Helping students succeed in their future is something that Campbell strives to accomplish each day.  

       “It feels good to be able to help my students learn and grow in this program that not many other schools offer to students,”  Campbell said.