Mother and daughter bond through Envirothon


Beca Livermont, Editor in Chief

       For some students, school and extracurricular activities affect the amount of time they can spend with their family. For sophomore Joslin Forness one extracurricular is an opportunity for her to strengthen her relationship with her mother.

      Joslin’s mother, Sara Forness teaches Environmental Science and Field Biology at West Fargo High School and advises the school’s Envirothon team, which Joslin also takes part in.

      Joslin’s friend, sophomore Jozephine Carlson, was introduced to Envirothon by Joslin and noticed similarities between the two..

       “Overall being in the club with [Sara and Joslin] keeps me coming back despite my love for Envirothon.” Carlson said.

        Although Joslin does not plan to take any of her mother’s courses, she has an interest in the environment.

      “That information has been ground into my head since I was like two, and I feel like it would be an easy A, but I think I need different classes,” Joslin said.

              While she does not plan taking any environmental classes during high school, Joslin is interested in a career involving environmental issues.

       “I like forensic entomology, so like identifying dead bodies by the bugs on it and the larva and how long it’s been there and where they would’ve died and how they would’ve died based on the insects,” Joslin said.

       Both mother and daughter link Joslin’s love for the environment, to growing up with her mother’s interests.

        “I know [my mother] taught me a lot when I was little about animals and insects and nature and stuff, but it’s really hard to say,” Joslin said. “I feel like I wouldn’t have had as much respect for it if she hadn’t got me into it.”