The WFHS’s football season comes to an end


(Left to Right) Carson Hegerle and Casey Ortiz

Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

The West Fargo High School Packer football team’s season just ended after 7 weeks, with their last game being on October 30th. The Packers went 5-3 in their regular season, making them 3rd overall in the district.

Despite their season coming to an end, the team overcame many new problems surrounding Covid-19. Assistant Coach Adam Palczewski says handling the problems were difficult but manageable. “We have been in a pretty good place with Covid. Football is an outdoor sport, so that gives a little more leeway with our players.” Palczewski said. “The biggest thing is making sure our kids are disciplined while outside and inside of school, that our players are wearing their masks and staying socially distanced. The seniors understand that this their last season so they want to keep end it in a great way.”

Another big problem has been regulating the games. Activities director Jay Decann says one of the biggest problems has been keeping up with the guidelines. “The only main issue with games has been regulating the attendance and trying to meet the ever changing requirements from the ND DoH and Cass County health.” Decann said. “We started in the Green Phase and WFPS was allowing more fans into games than any other class A schools in the state, but when we went to Yellow and now Orange Phase, we start to lose the local control piece and now the focus is on keeping our teams safe and healthy so they can remain on the playing fields, gyms and pools.”

Although the season has come to an end, senior Cody Wirtzfeld is grateful to have finished it so well. “Yeah it’s a little upsetting that I had to play my senior year with limited or no fans at all. However, I am just very thankful that I was able to have a season because some states never got that opportunity, or their season was delayed.” Wirtzfeld said.