Senioritis: Final Year Blues

Senioritis: Final Year Blues

Tyger Albano, Editor

Since I entered this school freshman year, the term “Senioritis” has been thrown around to describe students who have lost their desire to try in school during their last semester. When I would hear seniors start to chatter about a lack of motivation to finish their high school careers strong, it was hard to believe them. If anything, the final year should have been utilized for college preparations, as it only gets harder from graduation day. However, I have recently begun to realize that I too have started to give in to senioritis.

It’s an odd feeling to lose the academic drive I have had for the past three years. A concoction of burnout, lack of interest in new and concurrent classes, and putting enjoyment over rigor waved over, leaving me exhausted and unmotivated.

I think every senior feels the same way to at least some degree. Whether it’s enhanced procrastination or the slipping of grades, it seems like all of us have come down with the disease. Many students have the same excuse: “I already got into the college I am attending, so what’s the point in trying?” I get it. Dismissing the stress given off by studying and homework because it may not mean anything makes sense, but it should be kept in mind that colleges can still revoke admissions after acceptance for any reason, which is why maintaining a good work ethic is so important.

Think about it like this, would a high school athlete give up on their team because they already accepted a scholarship to play in college? Of course not; there are always more things to achieve and more people to impress, including yourself. To me, why would I give up on something I have been working on for four years?

There are also academic implications for the future if one decides to give in to senioritis. For example, slacking off in precalculus your senior year would spell disaster for freshman year calc. Overall, the brain goes dormant and doesn’t wake up until told to, most probably an epiphany one will have when realizing they are going to have to try in college.

Even with all this information, it is easy to give up and ride out the rest of the year in comfort, including myself. Looking around the halls it is easy to see kids who are exhausted all day but are delighted when that last bell rings. Just remember what motivated you in the first place.