Horace’s opening months; How HHS is trying to build culture and community

Horace Hawks

Horace Hawks

Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

After the announcement of a new school coming to WFPS, Horace High School has finally opened. In late October of 2021, Horace High opened its doors to new students, however only consisting of the freshman and sophomore class.

After opening, Vincent Williams, second superintendent for WFPS, and also helper in the transition of the school, states that the opening month has been very successful. “The official opening at Horace High was amazing. The community (Booster Club) made it a special day by having one of the local radio stations broadcast from the front of the building. Students were welcomed with balloons, donuts and overall positive atmosphere.” Williams said.

With a new school, one big question must be asked, and that is how Horace will be able to build a school culture within its new community. School culture can be defined as a school’s values, beliefs, and rules that impact the school in different ways. There are many ways to create good school cultures, and with the school already been opened for about a month now, there have already been ways HHS has been using.

Williams stated, “Dr. Cronin, head principal at Horace, is working with her staff as they’re progressing towards an Academy model. The Academy is similar to that of a middle school (small learning groups), in which students can select courses based on their passions and interests.” Williams said. This model has also been considered by other schools, such as West Fargo High School. “This will undoubtedly shape the culture and community of Horace High School in the years to come.”

Activities Director Mr. Midthun also had some positive things to say about the upcoming culture of the school, “This has been something that we are trying to be intentional about. With a new school, we have a chance to build a “school culture” from scratch. We have a principal’s advisory committee, which is made up of 15 students, that we have begun meeting with on a regular basis. The committee is led by our principal, Dr Pam Cronin. This gives us (school administrators) a chance to talk with student representatives to find out what are the most pressing issues amongst students and what can we do to improve the students’ experience in our school.” Said Midthun. “We also are planning a “Hawk Week” this winter to celebrate the opening of our school.”

There are some crucial things that the school has not got to yet, such as an auditorium, gym, and weight room. However, things like the stadium and commons are ready for use. With only approximately 225 students attending the school currently, Horace High School can only go up from here.