WFHS 2020-21 School Year: How Did It Go?

WFHS 2020-21 School Year: How Did It Go?

Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

Many things were different here at West Fargo High School this year due to the obvious factor, COVID-19, the disease that took the world by storm. Masks, social distancing, and online schooling were all changes that had to be made in order to keep the school and people safe. Even though there were a lot of problems that needed to be solved, WFHS pushed through and made the year great.

Samuel Ruona, student here at WFHS, believes that this year went well. “I think this school year was successful compared to other schools. I’m glad that we were able to at least do hybrid first semester instead of full online.” Ruona said. He believes that there were some flaws from this year. “Hybrid was challenging as it was hard to stay motivated, but I think that was the best option we had. I didn’t like packer time on Wednesday, and I think that the day could have been better spent just going to school.”

Dr. Fremstad, principal here at WFHS, thinks this school year went well with what was given. “I believe it was the best it could be under these circumstances. I think we met challenges with innovative ideas and how we were going to do school.” Fremstad said.  “When we came back in August, we hit our highest rates in November when we started planning coming back to school full time, which was scary, but it worked out.”

“Now with the end of the 2020-2021 school year approaching, students and staff alike must have the same question in mind: What will next year at WFHS look like?”

Samuel Ruona hopes that next year will be covid free. “I’m hoping next year is a normal school year, everyone who wants to be will be fully vaccinated by the start of next year, so I hope we can have a normal year without any COVID restrictions.”

Dr. Fremstad has faith on what next year will look like . “What I do know is for summer school, masks are optional, which is an indicator of good things to come.” Fremstad said. She also has been given hope through other events. “The final pep fest this year showed us that we could do what we love again, and with people getting the vaccine, we hope next year can be normal again.”

Even though this year had many trials and tribulations, there are somethings that WFHS learned that will be helpful in the future. Fremstad said, “We were so busy tracking COVID numbers that we had a decrease in all winter illnesses such as the flu.” Said Fremstad. “We have also been using great forms of technology in order to keep our school COVID free. Teams meetings were very efficient and will definitely be implemented in the future.”

Overall, WFHS had many problems to solve this year, but with lowering rates of COVID in the county and state, students and staff can hope for a better future.