WFHS returns to full time in-person schooling

WFHS returns to full time in-person schooling

Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

West Fargo High School allowed students come to school four days a week start  of second semester on January 25. West Fargo High School is also looking for their students to return five days a week on Wednesday February 17th.   The school day will follow the traditional one-hour late start.

Dr. Fremstad, Principal of WFHS, has good expectations for the second semester. “We have spent a great deal of time and energy planning for this, we are very excited to have all of our Packers back in school.” Fremstad stated. She also wants people to know the importance of mask wearing and social distancing. “Wearing your mask and monitoring your symptoms will allow everyone to stay in school. Wearing you mask is going to be able to keep us here, its going to allow us to have prom, its going to allow us to do graduation.”

Teacher’s Union president Jordan Willgohs states how teachers feel and how they will prepare for the rest of the year. “We think that it is sort of a double-edged sword. On one hand a lot of teachers miss their students, and that there are many benefits of having students here. But there are many concerns about disinfecting properly, cleaning properly, and knowing that we are not going to be able to distance.” said Willgohs. “Everyone is going to do the best they can, and we think we will make it through.”

As of January 25th, West Fargo Public Schools reports that the percent positivity rate in Cass County is 3.31%, and the state of North Dakota is 3.3%.