WFHS prepares for a different styled homecoming


Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

West Fargo High School’s homecoming week is starting, the first day starting yesterday, September 28. Both students and teachers are getting ready for the beginning of homecoming.

Last week seniors were chosen to represent their class as homecoming court. The boys of the court include homecoming king Eric Leseberg, Carter Birrenkott, Bobby Dorbor, Seth Nyhof, Cody Wirtzfeld, and Max Whol. The girls of the court are homecoming queen Eva Fitz, Erin Binstock, Halle Erickson, Brynn Giesen, Lucie Holaday, and Madison Waldera.

The homecoming game will be on October 2nd at 6 PM on the West Fargo High School football field against the Fargo Davies Eagles. Due to the risk factors of Covid-19, vouchers will be the only way you will be able to get into the game. Rachel Bachmeier, assistant principal here at WFHS explains how getting into the will work this year. “Vouchers will be given to each football player, coach, manager and cheerleader for both West Fargo High School and the opposing school,” Bachmeier said. “Vouchers will also be given to members of Homecoming Court who are not on the football team.” Like other football games at WFHS this year, spectators are expected to sit at least one row apart from others, and masks are required.

Unfortunately, there will be no homecoming dance following the game. Eric Leseberg, senior here at WFHS, and a king of the homecoming court, expresses his thoughts on this. “It is very sad to witness, because I was hoping this whole pandemic would be over by the summer,” Leseberg said. He also had an optimistic look on the topic.  “I’m bummed there is no dance, but I’m blessed we get coronation and I even get to se my friends in person again.

Yesterday was the start of theme week. Monday’s theme was Space, today is USA day, Wednesday is Jersey day, Thursday is corona cation, and Friday is packer pride.