Valleyfair teaches physics to students

Akriti Saxena, Assistant Editor

On May 20th at 5:00 a.m., 200 West Fargo High and Sheyenne High physics students climbed into four buses that carried them to Valleyfair in the duration of four hours.

The long drive was shortened by the students completing a one page worksheet that focused on the physics of roller coasters. Then, students were required to analyze rides and complete at least ten points in their packet throughout the day. These points were achieved by answering one or two point questions on 12 rides, depending on the difficulty. Senior Mariah Hendrickson realized the connection between physics and the real world.

“It was interesting having learned what we did in phusics this year and then being able to go to Valleyfair and see all those concepts being demonstrated in action,” Hendrickson said.

Although physics was thoroughly practiced, students also spent the day experiencing adrenaline rushes-some more than others. Sophomore Gretchen Shrock agrees that the trip paid off.

“It was a really long bus ride and I was tired,” Shrock said. “But the experience was definitely worth it.”