Babb’s Coffee House is a Perfect Space to Chill and Feel Productive

Babbs Coffee House is a Perfect Space to Chill and Feel Productive

Lauren Sanders, Staff Writer

Locally owned businesses are essential to cities and towns because they bring a sense of togetherness and community to the citizens. Small businesses are more intimate with their target demographic, for example a Starbucks compared to a lesser-known coffee shop, Starbucks everywhere are mostly the same but a coffee shop that’s just in one town has a more unique and cozy experience. Especially knowing that you’re supporting people that are in your own community.  

Located on 604 Main Avenue in Fargo, North Dakota, lays an independent coffee shop called Babbs. It’s a quaint place to sit down, relax, and have a nice cup of coffee. As soon as you walk in you can get a sense of how inviting it is; the establishment is plentiful with couches, tables, and chairs. The ambiance of the place feels vintage – whether it’s the light fixtures to furnishings throughout it. They have a variety of pastries which are homemade and baked fresh every day, including bagels, scones, muffins, macrons, and breads, all of which look appetizing. As for the coffee they have an abundance of options not only just for coffee types but for flavors. In addition to coffee, they have a selection of teas and sodas. Studying here has it perks; they keep many power cords and outlets for all your studying and homework needs. 

16oz iced coffees sell for $6.84, and for this price you are getting your money’s worth, the portions are generous and for the quality and taste of their coffee it is definitely worth it. My experience when going there was validated by the sincere staff that work there and by. Babbs also has a free library where you can take a book for exchange of another book. As for the actual coffee and pastries, their cinnamon chip scones are delightful, they aren’t dry and are packed with flavor. Coffee is the main focus here — a smooth texture and distinguished taste, and because it is wintertime, when I went, I got a peppermint mocha which got me in the holiday spirit. The peppermint and mocha are flavors are split evenly unlike some establishments where it’s either too much peppermint and you feel like you’re brushing your teeth or the mocha is too overwhelming and then there’s no peppermint taste.  

Misty, owner of Babbs The questions I asked fall into the same category of how the environment was in Babbs and how this establishment differs from other coffee shops; she summarized that it’s just a really chill and comfortable environment for people to be able to get homework done. As an effect of Babbs being an overall focusing place to get homework done. Misty said how it’s cool to create a steppingstone to allow customers to grow as people and expand their education. Misty believes that the reason customers keep coming back is the relaxed environment, which I frankly agree with. When asked what her favorite drink is, Misty replied the Seattle Toddy. It is a cold brew with vanilla flavoring and cream in it; it comes hot or iced but she prefers iced and her preferences for the pastries are the monster cookie and the cinnamon chip. 

All in all, supporting local businesses is a great way to connect with the community, along with giving back to everyone who provide so much for the town – Babbs is no different, from the comforting, easygoing conditions to the warm friendly staff, this coffee shop clearly identifies what it means to be a part of a community.