Arctic Monkeys’, “The Car” – Album Review


Arctic Monkeys’, “The Car” Album Cover

Lauren Sanders, Staff Writer

It seems like everyone is releasing new music now and it can be very overwhelming to listen to it all, especially because most of it sounds the same, and with that fall has officially made its yearly appearance. If you’re looking for a new album that has an old-fall essence and it’s easy to keep up with in terms of lyrics, “The Car” by the Arctic Monkey’s is everything you’re looking for!  

British band Arctic Monkeys have released their 7th studio album as of October 21st, 2022. Although it differs from previous albums, it has that same pazazz sound that they have always had. James Ford is the main producer on the album, he has stayed with Arctic Monkeys since their second studio album titled “Hamburg”, and since the release of that album, their sound has changed drastically. Though earlier albums have an indie-rock genre to them, “The Car” has a more modern jazz experience, instead of an album that has a lot of guitar solos and drum solos, it was replaced by violin solos; instead of lyrics that are fast and screamed at the audience, the lyrics are now slow and calmer. Written entirely by leading man Alex Turner and producer James Ford, fans were to say taken by surprise when instead of their regular indie-rock album they got a smooth and jazzy album.  

Track one which was also the first single that they released for this album came out on August 29th, 2022, exclaims what this album is going to be about, it’s jazzy with great instrumentals and amazing vocal performances and harmonization. “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” is a groovy song, may not be energetic but if you’re looking for a song with a great lyrical quality and just something to chill out to, this is the song for you.  

“Sculptures Of Anything Goes” is track three, and it’s different in the sense that the intro sounds like something from the T.V show, “The 100.” It’s an epic song with intense violins and slow-speaking lyrics. Check this one out if you were to listen to any of the songs from this album; it is definitely a stand-out song from the rest. 

Turner has stated that track nine “Mr. Schwartz” is almost like a sequel to a song on a previous album “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” too Far Out magazine, “Mr. Schwartz” sounds like running in a field at sunset when everything is calming down and you’re reflecting on the day that you just had. While also having a creepy guitar background and once again they blended the violins with the rest of the song beautifully.  However, since it is a more jazz album it can be a bit boring and repetitive at times, with most of the songs sounding at least similar, it’s easy to get them mixed up.  

The Arctic Monkeys’ have made something completely different from the modern-day pop music that we hear every day. It’s a relaxing yet groovy album filled with great lyrical value and stellar instrumentals. An album to check out within this storm of new music.