“The Batman”, as Good as it Was, Did Not Reach Expectations


“The Batman” Poster

Tyger Albano, Staff Writer


In 2019, a new rendition of the “Batman” series was announced. However, it was not until March 4th of 2022 when it was finally released in theaters. Many thought the movie would become the best version of Batman, and with Robbert Pattinson, Edward in Twilight and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, being casted as the Dark Knight, it was looking up.

The movie follows Batman and his attempt to find and punish this movies villain, The Riddler. The Riddler is played by Paul Dano, who has been in notable movies such as Prisoners and Looper. The villain of this movie shines through as one of the best ever, as his motivations and actions bring the movie action and suspicion. Many other great staple Batman characters make appearances, such as Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman and Andy Serkis as Alfred.

Some of the key successes of this film include the action sequences and characterization. Robbert Pattinson’s Batman was intimidating, but still showed his weaknesses and feelings. The Riddler’s character was played amazingly by Paul Dano, and his theme of political corruption in Gotham led to an engaging story. The Penguin played by Colin Farrell brings the movie its only comedic sections and is executed perfectly. However, the movie still has some problems that could be resolved to up the quality of the film.

First off, the entire movie itself had its brightness lowered immensely. Yes, all Batman movies are like this to show off the grim city of Gotham, but this one takes it too far. Numerous times in the theatre I found myself having to close my eyes due to the contrast of the dark scenes and gunshots, flashlights, and bombs. The touch of darkness is nice when in the alleys and streets of Gotham, however even when in a club or broad daylight, the movie seems too dim.

Another problem I had was that the movie’s plot line was a little confusing. For example, the beginning of the movie is a little repetitive, as The Riddler finds a corrupt politician, punishes them, then Batman must figure out the next target, and repeat. After this cycle, Batman is found trying to find himself and who he is for what feels like half an hour. The Riddler is forgotten. Even in a three hour movie, a loss of plot for that long is a long time.

Overall, there were many good things to find in this movie and it could have been considered one of the best in the franchise. However, with all the hype it was given, “The Batman”, could have been improved and ultimately fell short of expectations.