Mother Mother releases a perfect sequel to their previous work

Mother Mother releases a perfect sequel to their previous work

Savanah Melzer, Staff Writer

Canada’s biggest alternative-rock band Mother Mother have released ‘Hayloft II’, the scorching sequel to their breakout hit ‘Hayloft’. Mother Mothers song, Hayloft, was released on 23rd of September 2008 and was #8 on their album O My Heart. And now after 14 years the release of Hayloft II, 28th January 2022, fans now have there hearts filled with joy.

Hayloft II’ comes with a very unique deluxe edition of their smash record INSIDE, which has already received over a million streams across numerous platforms. Seven new songs are included in the upgraded edition, including their most recent single, ‘Life.’ In total, tracks from INSIDE have surpassed 35 million streams worldwide, and the number continues to rise. Mother Mother has 1.3 billion global streams, 3.1 million Shazams, and 14 million monthly active listeners to date.

The song hayloft follows the plot of two young lovers sneaking out to a hayloft, and shortly being discovered by the girls father. The song takes a dark turn with lyrics such as “Daddy’s got a gun, you better run” which suggests that the father is going to kill the young boy. The song continues this lyrical motion with “It started with the hayloft a-creakin’ ,Well, it just started in the hay (loft) ,With his long-johns on, pop went a-creeping, Out to the barn, up to the hay.”

The first few lines in the next hayloft song, hayloft II, suggest a continuation of the story by  asking what happened after the night in the hayloft.  In the lines “Whatever happened to the young, young lovers? One got shot and the other got lost in Drugs and punks and blood on the street Blood, blood on her knees Bloody history (yeah)”  the song is saying that the young boy was killed by the father and the daughter was lost with out him. Then the song talks about the hayloft burning down after that night, and how the young girl wants revenge on her father for kill the boy. “She crucify (she crucify) Hey Pop, you die, you die. My baby’s got a gun, my baby’s got a gun, My baby’s got a gun, I better run.” And the song ends with these words, “She’s not a bad kid, But they had to do it. She had to crack, She had to kill Pop”

Both of the songs were amazing and they tell a beautiful story about young love. Yes, life can be hard sometimes but we shouldn’t be killing people of this. It’s a good song for anyone that feels down about life, and needs a way to escape — great songs for the villain of a story.