Halloween Kills: Mediocre at Best


Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

After three years, the 12th installment of the Halloween horror series has been released. Titled, “Halloween Kills”, the movie was released October 15th of this year. Since release, the movie has made approximately 255.6 million dollars. Directed by David Gordon Green, this movie is a direct sequel to the last Halloween movie, “Halloween”, released in 2018.

The plot follows small town of Haddonfield, Illinois’s residents, notably Laurie, survivor of the last movie, and her friends Tommy, Marion, Lindsey, and Lonnie. In the movie, Michael Myers had just escaped jail after 40 years of imprisonment and has begun his normal killing rampage. Throughout the movie, the people of Haddonfield try to track him down and put him away once again.

Even though being apart of one of the biggest horror movie franchises, it still scored very low on many reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 39%, IMDb gave it a 5.8/10, and Metacritic gave it a 42%. These reviews have been justified however, being that this movie lacks any sense of a storyline and has just become a mindless slasher. The main character of the series, Laurie Strode, does virtually nothing throughout the movie, as she had been hospitalized in the last one. This would be fine if there were other characters that could step up as a new one, however there is not a successor to Laurie, and all we see of her is shots in a hospital bed. The closest thing to a new main character is Tommy, a survivor of the first ever Halloween movie, and is now all grown up. His job is to get people to help fight Michael, however when doing this, everyone he recruits just seems to be up to the job, which seems a little weird to have each person he meets willingly put their lives on the line. Other characters such as Marion and Vanessa, two prominent characters, die in the middle of the movie, which leads to even less important characters to focus on.

Most of this movie is just Michael killing everyone in the town and becomes lackluster and overdone to a certain degree. If watching Michael kill for an hour and a half is something you think you would enjoy, so be it, but to me it is excessive and unneeded.