Disney Pixar’s Soul is One of Their Greatest Films


Tyger Albano, Staff Writer

Disney Pixar’s “Soul” directed by Pete Doctor and written by Mike Jones was released on December 25th; it is a cinematic masterpiece.

The movie follows Joe Gardner, voiced by Jamie Foxx.  Joe is a jazz pianist who teaches a band class to students in a school in New York. Joe is offered to play for jazz legend Dorothea Williams. Filled with excitement and joy, Joe walks home that day unconcentrated on his surroundings and falls into a pothole. He wakes up and finds himself in the “Great Beyond”, where people are sent when they die. Joe realizes this and escapes to the “Great Before”, a place where souls are made for babies before they are born. Here is where Joe meets soul 22, voices by Tina Fey. 22 has been in the great before for many years. The rest of the movie follows the adventure of Joe and 22’s attempts to return to the real world.

The movie does what its predecessors like “Inside Out” and “Coco” do well, which is analyzing theories about  its main premise. Soul dives deep into the before and after life but makes it easy to understand for kids. Even though the concept is made easy for children, adults will also find themselves enjoyed while watching Soul.  A concept such as baby souls needing to find their own “spark” before coming to the real world is a great example of this.

One part of the movie that stands out is the great soundtrack that this movie holds. The superb music is perfect for a movie all about jazz. The jazz music, composed by Jon Batiste is filled with great jazz pieces such as “Born to Play” and “It’s All Right”, the song that plays in the finale. There are also a handful of great songs that are not jazz, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross with songs such as “Earthbound” and “Lost.”

Overall “Soul” is one of Pixar’s greatest, and even though it had to be released on Disney+, the movie managed to have 1.7 billion minutes watched of the movie.