Carole Basketcase

DelRae Steiner , Editor-in-chief

The Netflix hit show ‘Tiger King’ has taken the quarantine world by storm. The show features some of the craziest lifestyles that America has to offer. It also has started multiple conversations, such as animal rights or did Joe Exotic get set up. But one conversation that has taken over the internet is if Carole Baskin killed her husband, Don Lewis.

In episode three of the documentary series, it dives into Carole Baskin’s past and the disappearance of her second husband, Don Lewis. While it discussed multiple theories of his disappearance and why he disappeared, one that was heavily discussed was if Carole killed him. It is rumored she killed him and fed him to the tigers she has at BigCat zoo. This is, surprisingly, the most realistic and true theory.

Carole killed her husband. She did it because he planned to leave her and move to Costa Rica, and leave her with no money. Carole is crazy, so when she found out her husband planned on leaving her, she went psycho. She knew that if she shot him, cut him up, and fed him to her tigers. No one would ever figure it out. And she was right, it went unsolved for years. But what she didn’t count on was the ‘Tiger King’ documentary.

The documentary shows how controlling and crazy Carole truly is.  Her husband eats out of the palm of her hand and she attacks Joe about how he treats tigers but does the exact same. Not only that, but the documentary also sheds light on the case and what law enforcement might have missed, such as the possible change of Lewis’s will.

The documentary has led to the case being reopened due to new evidence. Carole has not commented on any of the accusations against her that have come out since the documentary aired.