Raising Awareness about the Banyamulenge People in the Congo


Guest Contributor Manu Bisogo

Manu Bisogo, Guest Contributor

My name is Manu Bisogo. I was born in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), also known as Congo-Kinshasa. I fled my country when I was so young — between the age of 3-4 years. I grew up in the neighboring country in a camp for refugees. I didn’t have a chance to know the beauty of our land, Mulenge; I didn’t have a chance to drink the milk of our cows.

Now, as I’m writing this story; my heart is so broken knowing that the enemies, Mai Mai Rebels and Red Tabara, have entered our villages and killed the innocent people of Banyamulenge. I know that our families who were left behind are no longer in their houses, I know that there are no more cows left in the Byres, and I know that our beautiful hills have been taken by enemies. This began before 1994 and is continuing now.

Homes were burnt down. People were burnt and a lot of them were killed. Imagine seeing mothers giving birth without food or anything else; a lot of them are lost and haven’t been found.

Grandmothers and grandparents over 80 to 90 years old were left hidden in the bushes.  Kids were crying morning and night because they had nothing to eat. Some of them have no idea where their parents are.

I’m so tired of seeing this happen to my Banyamulenge people. I sometimes ask myself why are these tough things happening to the people of my country? Why do I still hear about my uncles, nieces, and grandparents being killed like they are the subject of a war that will never end. They have done nothing wrong, except being born in a war torn country. Nothing is being done.

We aren’t able to change the way God created us. We also have nowhere else we can go because Mulenge is our native land. Our ancestors lived there for more than 400 years.

There’s no way I can have peace in me while my people are getting killed and being forced to leave their homes. You can help us spread information about the innocent people who have been killed for no reason by using the following on your social media: #savemulenge, #banyamulengelivesmatter.

Thank you West Fargo High School.