Battle of the ages “Give them some time and they will eventually get the hang of high school”

Maeson Williams, Staff Writer

       Every year, a cycle repeats itself between freshmen and upperclassmen. Upperclassmen dislike the freshmen and pick on them whether it is from a bad past experience or from just disliking freshmen. Then when the freshmen become upperclassmen and are introduced to the new freshmen that year the cycle tends to repeat itself. This cycle needs to end and everyone needs to take action to help end it.

       There are three points that upperclassmen need to remember. First, high school may be confusing and challenging at first for some freshmen. The high school is bigger than the middle school and the construction is adding an auxiliary gym, locker rooms, classroom spaces and multipurpose spaces. It will become even harder to navigate through the school for new students. The bar for homework may be a little higher than freshmen thought it would be at first. Even if it is something small or something most people would understand, there is still no reason for upperclassmen to dislike the freshmen for not knowing the exact mechanics of high school. Give them some time and they will eventually get the hang of high school.

       Secondly, upperclassmen need to remember that they were freshmen at one point and remember how it felt being a freshmen. There may have been a couple things that were bit confusing at first. Whether it was something big or small, there must have been some upperclassmen that thought something from high school confusing or challenging when they were freshmen.

       Finally, upperclassmen saying that they rule over the freshmen is foolish. It should not work like that at all. Saying or acting like that make  you guys sound a bit childish. No one should be ruling over anyone.

       Now freshmen have some issues that need to be fixed as well. Many of the freshmen are loud, messy and just plain annoying. Some freshmen lack the most basic principals, expectations and ability to respect others. Some freshmen would mock the upperclassmen. Freshmen are getting jobs and driving, yet they are being troublesome and childish. They need to grow up a bit. Show a bit more respect to not just upperclassmen, but to everything and everyone else.

       However not everyone acts childish and mean. There are those who are kind to others. In the end we all understand that everyone is in the same situation and need to respect each other. School can be frustrating at times and having this constant war between freshmen and upperclassmen won’t help the situation, and that no one is perfect. If everyone keeps these points in mind we can break this unhealthy cycle of hatred.