Bakkegard steal the show

Bakkegard steal the show

Eric Tyulyandin, Copy Editor

       English and theater teacher Darcy Bakkegard is in her third year teaching  at West Fargo High School. She currently has a nephew enrolled, freshmen Michael Stephenson. Stephenson is involved in baseball and technical theater.

       Bakkegard is glad that Stephenson is a part of theater, although she does not see him often. She knew that Michael would do well and enjoy it.

       “I thought that he would enjoy the tech. aspects of theater,” Bakkegard said. “Since I’m not in charge of those aspects, I think it has been pretty easy.”

       “He’s mostly with Mr. [Kerry] Horst or Mr. [Ben] Fink, so it’s not really that big of a deal.”

       Michael said he enjoys being involved in tech. Theatre. Even though they do not always have time, they enjoy seeing each other.

       “There isn’t that big of a difference. I still call her Darcy,” Stephenson said. “I usually work with Kerry, so I don’t really get any special treatment or anything.”

       Sophomore Stephanie Lund works with Michael in tech. theater. She worked with him during the winter play, “Noises Off.” She said the fact that Stephenson and Bakkegard are related is not noticeable and that Michael has become an essential member of the technical crew.

       “He does [his work] really well, actually. He’s a freshman, so he just started, but he picked up on it right away,” Lund said. “He’s a really good worker and we want him back next year and years after.”