“American Horror Story 6” offers new scares

Beca Livermont, Editor in Chief

       Since its premiere in 2011 “American Horror Story” (“AHS”) has gained incredible momentum along with a cult following. The anthology series has led its viewers through a haunted house with a dark history, a 1960s insane asylum that features alien abductees, a school for young witches, a freak show stalked by a killer clown, and a hotel with otherworldly inhabitants. However, the storytelling format for season six is unlike any previous season.

      Before the Sept. 14 premiere, the much anticipated sixth season was shrouded in mystery, with an unknown theme and nothing but a string of seemingly unrelated clips as trailers. However, within the first few moments of the first episode of the season, it became clear that this season follows a unique documentary style format.

     This is a format combines popular horror movies such as “The Blair Witch Project” and the “Paranormal Activity” franchise with paranormal documentaries such as “Ghost Adventures,” and bares the simplistic title “Roanoke.”

     Weather or not the season will attempt to explain the mysterious circumstances of the Roanoke colony in the 1500s is yet to be revealed, but with a ghostly Kathy Bates in colonial garb it can be assumed that some aspect of the colony will be included.

      “AHS” veteran Lily Rabe and newcomer Andre Holland play married couple Shelby and Matt, who begin their tale by narrating their decision to move from New York City to a farmhouse in the country, where strange events soon begin to ensue. In the spirit of  the dramatic documentary, veteran Sarah Paulson and relative newcomer Cuba Gooding Jr. play actors  portraying the scenes Rabe and Holland are recounting.  

     Shelby and Matt soon begin experiencing chilling occurrences, such as a storm of teeth raining down of the house and blood-curdling pig squeals in the middle of the night.

      The writers included  many classic horror tropes, such as a house in the woods whose price is suspiciously low, found footage of a crazed past owner, and many, many jump-scares. However, these tropes are not incorporated in a way that is tired or unoriginal, but instead are given a fresh spin.

     However as the season begins to feel more familiar, many questions remain unanswered, such as why the official title of the season is “American Horror Story: 6” rather than the obvious option “Roanoke.” Many fans are speculating that this season will feature many twists and turns not just in the plot, but in the format itself.

     The only certainty involving this season is that viewers will have to simply watch to see watch to see exactly how it plays out.