Ghost House Pictures’ newest film getting mixed reviews from critics



Jane Levy in “Don’t Breathe.” (Gordon Timpen/CTMG/Sony Pictures)

Jack Stinson, Freelance Writer

Jane Levy in “Don’t Breathe.” (Gordon Timpen/CTMG/Sony Pictures)

Do not hold your breathe for Ghost House Pictures newest production ‘‘Don’t Breathe.’’ This story begins by following the misadventures/horrendous acts committed by the three main protagonists Rocky, played by Jane Levy, Alex, played by Dylan Minnette and Money, played by Daniel Zovatto, as they try to steal enough money to get out of their hometown of central Detroit.
After a news story breaks about a man in the area getting a large amount of settlement money after his daughter is killed in a car accident, the trio decide that he will be their final score before ‘‘getting out of dodge’’ as it were. What makes this seem like a simple heist is the fact that the man is completely blind.
They break into his house to discover that the blind man, played by Stephen Lang, is not as helpless as once believed. In fact he is quite in control of the situation. The trio of thieves soon find themselves completely under the blind man’s thumb. In the kingdom of the idiots, the blind man is king.
While the story does retain cohesiveness in the sense that it is in chronological order, there are gaping plot holes that leave the audience with unanswered questions. There are major plot points that cannot be accurately explained as to how they got there. Granted this leaves the audience wanting more. However the thirst for more knowledge of the situation is never quite quenched, leaving the audience parched.
The most notable actors in the film, Levy and Lang, offer some of their best performances yet in the new thriller production. Levy appears to have found her character role, as the most prominent film she has starred in before “Don’t Breathe” was the 2013 remake of the cult classic “Evil Dead.”
Lang however has played a multitude of different character roles. His most prominent being the main antagonist in “Avatar,” and a leading role in “Men Who Stare at Goats.” In his career, Lang has been labeled as one of Hollywoods’ “That Guy” actors.
The cinematography within the film was quite disorienting. During the intense moments in the movie, the camera work looked like it belonged in a ‘Found Footage’ movie. The lights would flicker constantly, making actively paying attention difficult during these scenes.
As one could expect, the sound mixing in this horror/suspense movie was excellent. Some scenes in the movie were eerily absent of any musical scores, leaving the ambiance of the area. In a movie focused on dying if you are heard, this just makes the experience all the more real.
This movie was worth the watch. The storyline leaves much to be desired, while the action and suspense of the moment will keep you enraptured. That being said it would be best to wait until it comes out on DVD in November 2016. Watching this movie alone and in a dark room would most likely be the best way to experience this cinematic greatness.