Netflix blocked from the high school


Chelsey Cressman, Staff Writer

The student body of West Fargo High is aware of the fact that sites such as Facebook has been blocked from the school for awhile now. Another familiar site called Netflix has now been blocked from the school and teachers and students are left questioning this decision.

Director of Technology,  Edward Mitchell works with a team of 22 and they are in charge of keeping the network running smoothly.

“We would love to open up certain sites but we have to do what the state allegations are and we can’t fill up the limited space that is supplied to us.”

Ultimately it comes down to if the site has a curricular purpose. Mitchell said to think about it like a pipe, the more traffic, the more the pipe fills up so we have to make sure to keep that pipe open at all times. Networks outages is an example when that pipe fills up.

“The most frustrating  days are when we are up not down,” Mitchell said. “We don’t  know what to expect. So our goal is to keep the traffic flow running smooth and with facebook and netflix, it is an unregulated site so students can get away from school work much easier.”

Right now, each school is set up on an one gig regulation and the technology team wants to bump that up to three gigs when there is guesses at the schools.

“Our overall goal is to make sure, students have a great high school experience” Mitchell said. “We want to benefit the students learning as much as we can.”